Porcelain Fixed Bridges

Missing teeth? Consider a dental bridge as a solution for replacing one or more teeth that have been lost. A dental bridge is a fixed appliance that uses two healthy teeth as anchors for a set of prosthetic teeth that fill the gap left by the missing teeth.

Benefits of a dental bridge restoration

When you opt for a dental bridge to replace missing teeth, you not only complete your smile, but also help to restore functionality to your mouth. Your speech and chewing abilities will improve, and you’ll prevent healthy teeth from shifting into the gap, and causing long-term dental issues. You can even upgrade your current partial denture to a fixed, permanent appliance. All of our bridges are crafted from carbon molecular materials, such as composite and Zirconia, and we use only metal-free bridges.

The Process

After prepping your existing teeth, an impression is taken so a crown can be fabricated. These crowns act as anchors for the bridge, and will be placed on each side of the gap. You’ll be fitted with a temporary bridge, until the perfectly sculpted, custom-created, and permanent bridge arrives.

We carefully inspect each prosthetic to ensure our patients get only the highest quality appliances. We meticulously adjust your bridge to ensure it fits comfortably and securely, before cementing it into place.

We encourage you to discuss your options for replacing missing teeth. Swanson

Dentistry is committed to helping you restore the brilliance of your natural smile!

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